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My name is Nomenjanahary Nasolo (or Meme for short!) and I’ve been driving visitors through Madagascar for 10 years through the sights of Madagascar. I live in Antananarivo and my most popular trip is down the RN7 from Antananarivo to Toliara in the south West, but can organise a number of other tours around Antananarivo.

The classic route from Antananarivo, Antsirabe, Ambosistra, Ranomafana and finally Isalo and Toliara is one of the most popular trips in Madagascar according to the Lonely Planet and provides insights into the culture of Madagascar and spectacular natural tours in the rain forests and spiny forests of the South.

Take a look at our Madagascar tour page for more information and photos on the classic route.

View our gallery on Madagascar for photos of trips in the area.

For tour bookings please contact me on my email address: onjamahaliana@yahoo.fr or phone me on one of the numbers below:

Tel: (+261) 3311-68882

Tel: (+261) 3412-31212

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